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The world's leading electrical connectors, professional waterproof connectors, automotive connectors, aviation connectors, solar connectors, non-standard cables and other R & D design manufacturers, suppliers. Our highly skilled workforce is dedicated to the design, development and distribution of innovative product solutions that are relevant to people's lives.

The company has tens of thousands of reliable connectors / cable products, living in the world's largest product range, including electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection solutions, switches and application tools. With our extensive global resources, we meet the needs of our customers in China, Asia Pacific and globally. Our company is divided into three product divisions by project, development and manufacturing, serving both the global sales and marketing organization of xime connectors Technologies.

Shenzhen Xime Connector Technology Co., Ltd.. is located in Shenzhen, the world's "city of customers". It is a high-tech and innovative enterprise focusing on R&D, production, sales and service of high-precision circular self-locking connector and high-specification special wire harness. The company has always been committed to providing customers with professional "customized connection application solutions" and diversified one-stop service, fully meet your personalized needs, so that your cooperation with us is more assured and reassuring! The connectors and wiring harnesses produced by our company can be interchanged with many brands at home and abroad, with complete models and specifications, rich experience in wiring harness processing, and can fully meet the personalized customization needs of customers –


ximeconn Unicom personalized customization, more assured and more assured! Powerful R&D and production and processing capabilities can design and customize various aviation plugs and high-quality wiring harness for customers. At present, various products are widely used in medical equipment, mechanical equipment, audio, video, detection and measurement, communication electronics, military industry, aerospace, automotive and power sources and other fields. Development purpose: To develop high-grade, high-quality, multi-series, multi-functional circular connectors and wiring harness; to provide personalized "connection application solutions" for various industries. Service concept: not small but not small, product pursuit accuracy, response pursuit speed. Build a bridge of communication, provide personalized connection solutions, and seek win-win cooperation。

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