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ximeconn technology is a leader in providing innovative manufacturing solutions & support services to customers. We provide design, engineering and wire harness manufacturing from small orders to high volume production.


We put at your disposal a wide range of specialists in each subject with the aim of supercaring the expectations of our clients.


Our company is able to adapt projects to your needs with high quality and quick turn around.


Our team is highly trained for the detailed inspection of the parts, ensuring that they meet the quality standards that characterize us. We continually work on innovating and improving our Quality System.

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Ximeconn Technology is a professional manufacturer of industrial sensor waterproof connectors,2D 3D design services,M12 connector,M8connector,M5 connector,military equipment waterproof box,car wiring harness,etc.

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Link: Hybrid connector E-bike power battery pack energy storageM12-connectorsconnectors-cableM12 connectorM8 connectorM5