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corporate culture

Customer Loyalty Management: Including customer service, customer loyalty building. Many companies carry out "customer loyalty building" only to stay on how to serve customers well, and we are from a strategic height to build. The most central approach to building customer loyalty is called the "Customer Value Multiplier." The "Customer Value Multiplier" is a collective term for providing value to customers and providing value added to customers as a guiding principle, and is the core of our relationship with our customers.
Customer Value Development: Develop value for customers other than purchasing products, such as converting customers into company investors and purchasing "trusts" issued by the company;
Promote the improvement of operational efficiency: from the perspective of the client to review the business processes, product design, marketing strategies and so on. Our BPI (Process Reengineering), the improvement of product standards, and the building of direct marketing capabilities will also be initiated through the organization of customer management.

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